Box Wars Brawl

Code Enviroment :
Visual Studio 12
Github (source control)

Engine :
StarEngine - Win32/Android Cross platform

Libraries :
Android NDK
Android SDK

Code Language :

Coding Time :
3 Months

Project details : This game was developed during my time in Finland. This game was the result of a team of four people (including myself). We brainstormed over the idea, created a prototype and early concept art. After that we pitched this project to a jury, they approved the concept.
The game is developed in the StarEngine that was also created during my time in Finland. The engine is a full C++ native cross platform engine for Windows and Android.

Personal Contribution

  • Engine Development
  • Options
  • HUD
  • GUI
  • Turrets
  • Weapons
  • Aiming
  • Scenes
  • Sound and Sound Effects

Team Members

  • Art - Miranna Karppanen
  • Producing&Design - Hemmo Kaupinnen
  • Programming - Ilka Hartala
  • Programming - Simon Vanhauwaert (me)

Game Goal :
The game is a Two-Player turnbased strategy game. A players turn is maximum 30 seconds, and allows a player to choose three elements from middle section. These elements can be used to combine into weapons or walls or can provide extra building elements or power-ups. Use the created weapons to destroy the other players base.